I was thrilled to be asked by Andy Eathorne if I would be interested in doing a workshop at Studio Fifty Eight in Northampton. Of course I said I would be delighted to. After a cup of tea and a chat we decided that a workshop on Low-Key Portraiture techniques would be the way forward.

I have done quite a few presentations at work and training is something I enjoy so I was fairly confident I could put together a 6 hour interesting program for the day.

I volenteered George and Isobel to be the model for the day. George got the boring “just sit and do nothing” session whilst I demonstrated different lighting techniques but he did great and all went well. After a lunch break Isobel and George got dressed up and we had a more serious photoshoot.

Below are 2 of my favourite images from the workshop. The one of George has hard lighting across the face which help’s give it an old vintage look. I have softened all edge lighting around him and I think its a great shot. The lighting is beautiful and he is posed perfectly. Well worth all the preparation.

The image of Isobel was taken with much softer lighting. I was very happy with this image as well. It has a great story to it. The lighting, though very similar gave a very different end result. I think it has a wonderful timeless feel and will certainly be framed and mounted on our wall along with Georges sometime very soon.

June 3, 2018

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