In 2016 I was thrilled to be awarded my Licentiate with the BIPP “British Institute of Professional Photography” I now had letters after my name!!

Seamus Bryans LBIPP 🙂 Who would have thought?

I had worked so hard to understand and produce images that were acceptable at “L” level that nothing was going to get in my way, I was determined to achieve my accreditation. It was tough learning whilst being mentored by  BIPP’s CEO Chris Harper. I squirm looking back on some situations and images he had to trawl through of mine. …..Sorry Chris, forgive me!

In order to get this accreditation it is quite involved. You have to submit a panel of 25 images to a board for consideration. This has to be presented in a fine art portfolio with each image to a competition print standard. Beforehand I also had to produce 3 copies of a presentation printed book that contained my panel submission, but also an introduction to me, what I do, evidence of other work along with a health and safety statements and public liability insurance documents. All this to be forwarded to each judge 2 weeks in advance of judgment day…..Phew!

This was scary stuff

Below is my panel submission.






Though I a very proud of my panel submission and know it shows a good level of passion skill and understanding of photography, I now view many of the images in a different light. (excuse the pun)

My main thoughts about this panel is its lack of cohesiveness. It’s all a bit random. There are some strong images that stand out, but in order to move forward and hopefully gain my “Associate” I need to pick up my game.

I set myself a few goals for 2017 that i hoped would put me in a better place.

I am glad to say it has taken maybe a little longer to achieve these goal be I am getting there. I took the plunge and sold all of my camera equipment. x2 Olympus OMD-EM1’s with x7 lenses and all my Bowens studio system.

I changed to the Sony mirrorless camera  system with a A7Rii and also a A6500 which I have been very impressed with. It’s auto focusing is amazing and images quality breathtaking..

My lighting was replaced with x3 Godox light which I have to say, “are amazing” I have x1 AD600b which I use for studio key lighting. I also have x2 AD200’s which I use for studio kickers/snoots/rim lighting and they work seamlessly with all my other equipment. Perfect!!

I also use the AD200’s out and about as hand held off camera flashes. I have even taken them on holiday. They are superb. I feel much better equipped to deliver high end imagery on location and in studio….

Lets see what I can do with it all!!


May 5, 2018

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