I was thrilled to received a highly commended award from the SWPP in April 2018. Surprisingly in the “Pet Portrait” category???


I am at the moment trying to sort my website out and came across this image I captures at a dog show a year or two ago. I thought it was lovely image but when I converted it to monochrome it really took it to another level, so I just tossed it into the SWPP competitions with no real expectations. Though I am happy to have received this award I am a little disappointed that none of my other entries didn’t get any recognition. I thought that several of my other submissions were stronger.


This I personally considered my strongest submission though of course it is a subject that I love.-Historic vintage themed portraits. I actually posted on the SWPP website the fact that I was confused with my result and got some great feedback. I thought i would share it with you all.

My SWPP PostWell blow me down with a feather, I am very happy to have received a Highly Commended in this months competitions for my pet portrait. But I cant help but feel it wasn’t the strongest image I submitted this month. I much prefer this vintage style portrait I threw into the hat. I must be doing something wrong somewhere.

Here are some replies

Terry Donnell- Well done Seamus, agree with your thoughts on the pictures as well the portrait is a lot stronger. Competitions are a game mate, I’m really glad you posted this, it shows you know the value in your own work and that’s the most important thing.”

Gary Hill- “Personally I find the lighting on the portrait lacks dimensionality, it’s a touch too flat for a male portrait. This of course is only my opinion”

Faye Yerbury– “I would be confused too.!”

George Fairbairn- “Don’t discount the pet portrait… it’s great. Saying that, it’s easy to get emotionally attached to an image and expect it to do better than it will. The portrait is a great image… but there are a few things that, in my opinion, keep it from being HC or Gold. The lighting is good, but is a little flat… could use a bit of contrast. His left ear just popping out is eye catching… I would have turned his head slightly more towards camera to get the ear in completely, this also would reduce the amount of whites of the eye that we see. Also, little editing things… getting rid of the drain pipe on the right side of the frame would’ve helped… toning down what looks like a cotton bud in his mouth so it’s not so bright. All in all the image is so very nearly there… just needs some fine tuning.”

There are some serious photographer who took the time to stop and let me know there thoughts. I am happy to receive the encouragment and constructive criticism. I feel energised and inspired to do better for May.

I will let you know how I get on!





April 15, 2018

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