Batman-The Dark Knight

It has to be said I was a little apprehensive driving up the M1/M6 to Birmingham to meet Batman/The Dark Knight, A.K.A Stephen Holtham. Having only met him briefly for 2 minutes some months back I was unsure what I was letting myself in for. With a brief of “lets just rock up to a few places in Birmingham city centre on a Friday evening and see what happens” I really had no idea as to what to expect.

Walking around with Stephen was like spending the evening with a celebrity. Everywhere we went we left awe struck children in our wake, cars just pulling over to high five and people shouting out from all directions. It seemed we were stopped by people to take photos every 10 meters, but I was very happy to see Stephen always so polite and his patience throughout the evening was admirable. Stephen stands an imposing 6’4″ tall and man! he looks the part. His outfits are superb and the attention to detail, including watching Stephen submerge into the characture was just awesome. Here is a few shots from the shoot. Please show your love, any likes/shares/comments are always appreciated.

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